Pinch&Drop novelties - 9 incredible flavors

We are pleased to announce the addition of new flavors to the line of syrups of the Russian brand Pinch&Drop!

An important feature of the new flavors is that all flavors do not curdle hot milk and they are quite versatile in use. Spicy, floral and warm dessert flavors have been added for your brightest experiments.

Order now and surprise your guests with new flavor combinations!
"Lemongrass" — adds a light, refreshing, spicy and herbal bouquet with notes of citrus to the taste. It will open up the flavor of the drink and give lightness and freshness to the dessert.

"Peach Pie" — the flavor of warm, enveloping crunchy peach pastry with an aftertaste of bright, sweet and delicate peach confit.

"White Peach" — reproduces the sweet and delicate flavor of the fruit's pulp with a light, floral and fruity aroma.

"Macadamia" — accurately captures the dense, bright natural taste of the nut, as well as a special creamy flavor. The syrup blends perfectly with coffee, softening its bitterness, adding sweet notes and incredible flavor.

"Basil" — has an abundant, spicy, earthy aroma and the astringent, pleasantly bitter flavor of basil greens. A versatile ingredient for your creativity with refreshing herbal, slightly bitter notes.

"Cardamom" — has the distinctive spicy, warm and enveloping flavor of the freshly ground spice. Fragrant and multifaceted syrup will open in every drink and will not be lost against the background of other ingredients.

"Brownie" — from the first notes reveals the taste and aroma of a dessert popular all over the world. Sweet, rich and warm, with light nutty notes, the syrup will perfectly reveal the flavor of latte, cocoa, complement ice cream or dessert.