Tasty update: Pinch&Drop introduces new fruit and berry purees!

We're extending the fruit and berry summer and are excited to announce the expansion of Pinch&Drop brand products! Get ready for an incredible flavor journey that will bring freshness and variety to your drinks and desserts. We have 4 new purees that are sure to delight you with their unique flavors.

We are also pleased to announce a new product line of fruit purees. By numerous requests of our customers, in addition to the already favorite puree "Maracuja", we are adding to the assortment of puree "Maracuja with bone". Now you have the opportunity to choose a more suitable puree for your drink or dish.

"Pear" — in this puree you can feel the juicy pulp with characteristic for ripe pears graininess and shades of peel. A taste that evokes associations with warm autumn days.

"Banana" — the rich creamy flavor and soft texture of the ripe sweet fruit will be a favorite ingredient in your smoothies, milkshakes and desserts.

"Maracuja with bone" — as well as our usual puree "Maracuja" exactly conveys the taste and aroma of fresh, ripe tropical fruit of passion fruit with a slight sourness and tart notes of the rind. The puree is ideal for hot teas and refreshing lemonades. The texture and the presence of seeds are spectacular in the finished drink.

"Feijoa" — puree clearly conveys the refreshing aroma and sweet taste of ripe exotic fruit with a bright accent of tart fruit rind. The aftertaste has notes of citrus, herbs and pine. Ideal addition to smoothies.

"Kiwi" — puree reveals the ripe, sweet taste of the fruit with a characteristic sourness and unobtrusive tartness of the peel. The puree retains all the beneficial properties of the fruit, including enzymes that create a tingling sensation on the tongue.